How to control your GoPro with your Apple Watch

In our days to control a GoPro camera requires fiddling with a fairly unintuitive set of buttons or using one of the GoPro companion apps. And yet, when you’re about to leap off a bridge, doing gym session or flowriding in an aquapark, it’s probably not convenient to pull out your phone.

And here we go in just one tap from your wrist. Yes, there are various remote controllers on the market with a different price set, but what if you already have Apple Watch? 

Apple Watch limitations

Apple Watch is a very smart device. You can’t even picture how smart it is while you don’t test it by yourself:

You always have everything what you need, it’s trying to give you as much comfort as smart watch can.

When this comes to the power watch is trying to save energy in all known ways:

  • As soon as you have turn you wrist and screen comes black you app is gone. Even so you still get connected to Bluetooth. But…
  • As soon as you came out of some range (not device range 20 meters but logical range where operational system will decide it doesn’t make too much sense to keep spending energy on this connection) your connection is gone too. 
  • As soon as you start doing your activity and after several minutes you’ll come back to check your camera status  – your connection is gone and no camera information available for you. 

This is a cool challenge.

GoPro on Apple Watch?

We came through various scenarios and based on those have prepared our solutions for the most optimal user experience.

  • GoRemo doesn’t try to keep active connection all the time. It connects just once and when you really need it – shutting button press.
  • If you were experiencing shooting session just before your app came inactive we’ll try to recover this session for you and check application status.
  • GoRemo app will do everything to finish task you’ve once set. You just have to establish first connection with your camera and after even if camera came inactive we’ll still be able to wake it up. Just press shooting button and you can do your activity – we’ll do the rest.

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