Full GoPro camera control experience

GoRemo - GoPro Apple Watch remote camera controller allows you to control your action camera just from your wrist. Easier than ever!

GoPro remote

Apple Watch remote controller

Quick remote access to the GoPro camera. Power camera on/off, capture photos, start/stop recording and tag key moments.

Prepare your camera

Put your camera in paring mode. Read more: Pair Your Camera with the GoPro App


Tap Connect button to turn on the camera and we'll do the rest.














Just one button... Just one tap...

Control your camera

Change modes, do shooting, tag moment

GoPro Apple Watch back

Probably you thought GoPro Apple Watch app disappeared - but it's not!

Now GoRemo gives you access to all known GoPro cameras with bluetooth support from Apple Watch (GoPro WatchOs) and other iOS devices.

GoPro Apple Watch 2019 is here:

Go Remo

Provide IoT solutions to control devices remotely.

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